These delicious, lip-smackingly good buns are already an instant hit in several countries in Asia due to the countless hours of research and development to prepare the bun to suit the tastes of the Asian market. Throughout key locations in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh, Papparoti buns are baked in a kiosk as small as 20sqm located in high traffic and high visibility areas, especially busy shopping malls and hypermarkets. Baked on the spot and sold as an affordable and convenient take-away snack, Papparoti outlets have recorded daily sales of as much as 1,000 buns on weekdays and more than 3,000 buns on weekends.

The scrumptiously appealing golden brown buns are crispy on the outside while light and fluffy in the inside. The fragrant coffee-coated bun with its buttery filling is best eaten hot. The freshly baked buns create endless queues due to the tremendous response from customers craving for its truly exceptional and memorable taste. Freshly baked on the spot and exuding a sweet aroma, customers are drawn into making a beeline towards Papparoti outlets. And not only does it smell amazing and taste great, but the reasonable pricing is also a major selling point to customers who appreciate its superb value for money.



If you believe that you have the financial capacity and business experience needed to invest in a Papparoti franchise, let us work with you to become a Papparoti franchise.

A franchise is a license to use a proven business system and its brand identity, operating procedures, marketing and advertising , training programmes. As a franchisee, your own personal finesse, expertise, entrepreneurial skills and commitment are vital to reap the full benefits of a franchise.

The slogan in franchising is: You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Though you operate independently, you still remain under the franchisor’s umbrella. Franchisors can only be successful if their franchisees are successful, and thus this makes for a win-win relationship that is unique in the business world.




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