The best things We’ve eaten this year

Yum Buns, Who knew a simple bun could have such complexity? Infused with an espresso flavour, their texture is soft and yielding, while the exterior is crackly and caramelised. Inside is a layer of melted butter. Just brilliant. Time Out takes a bite at finding Dubai’s best fritter These aren’t technically doughnuts, but boy are they good. These baked buns (see? They’re already healthier) have a caramelised exterior and coffee flavour, plus a groove full of melted butter. We don’t know how they get the butter in, but we don’t care as we’re busy eating. Critic’s pick: Bun (it’s the only food item on the menu).

Malaysian coffee bun chain PappaRoti just opened their first outlet in the GTA

Famous for their coffee-coated buns, Malaysian chain PappaRoti has arrived in Toronto… sort of.

Now open in the food court of Bramalea City Center, the first outlet is part of a Canada-wide expansion that will see four new Canadian stores open by spring, and as many as 20 locations ultimately planned for Ontario.

9 international restaurants we wish would come to India already

This Michelin-starred London restaurant is the quirky playground for celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, where he serves up modern dishes inspired by Britain’s gastronomic history—think spiced pigeon, roast marrowbone, and the iconic meat fruit, a chicken liver mousse that looks like a mandarin. Come work your magic in India, Heston!

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PappaRoti comes to Canada

VANCOUVER-Malaysian cafe PappaRoti is opening its first Canadian location at 1505 Robson St. this week, with future expansion across Canada as a possibility.

Get your sugar-fix and be sure to pop into PappaRoti this weekend, if you haven’t already done so. They recently opened on Robson Street after a few construction delays and it’s the first Canadian location. We’re pretty sure you’ll become a fan of their iconic caramel coffee bun and piping hot cups of java.

PappaRoti’s Flagship Cafe Launch in Islamabad

PappaRoti’s flagship cafe opens at the ground level in Isloo @ Capital’s most stylish mall, Centarus @ Red Carpet hosted by Super model Natty and others, on Tuesday the 28th of May. The new eatery serves freshly-baked buns that have a crisp, thin crust topped with a mild coffee-caramel coating and a butter-filled centre. The signature buns are made with a special recipe that contains flour and omega-3 enriched eggs.
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