PappaRoti’s Flagship Cafe Launch in Islamabad

PappaRoti’s flagship cafe opens at the ground level in Isloo @ Capital’s most stylish mall, Centarus @ Red Carpet hosted by Super model Natty and others, on Tuesday the 28th of May. The new eatery serves freshly-baked buns that have a crisp, thin crust topped with a mild coffee-caramel coating and a butter-filled centre. The signature buns are made with a special recipe that contains flour and omega-3 enriched eggs.
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PappaRoti comes to Canada

VANCOUVER-Malaysian cafe PappaRoti is opening its first Canadian location at 1505 Robson St. this week, with future expansion across Canada as a possibility.

Get your sugar-fix and be sure to pop into PappaRoti this weekend, if you haven’t already done so. They recently opened on Robson Street after a few construction delays and it’s the first Canadian location. We’re pretty sure you’ll become a fan of their iconic caramel coffee bun and piping hot cups of java.