One Bite Different

A bun like no other

Take your palate on a journey through a series of textures and layers starting from the crispy coffee-flavoured crust to the soft, buttery centre. Discover the simple but unique flavour that cuts across borders and bring people together

Our Coffee Bun

From Malaysia With Love

This simple coffee bun recipe was created in Malaysia, a country known for its diverse cultures and vibrant culinary scene. From a small humble kiosk, Papparoti has since transformed into a global brand with 400 bakery outlets worldwide, spanning four continents. Its unique one-product snack concept especially their signature Malaysian Coffee Bun has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding all over the world with branches in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Belgium, United States, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Australia, and more.

Signature Combo

PPRT0520_001_Product image_Hot drink + Bun_1920 x 1080px

Hot Drink

+ Papparoti Signature Bun
PPRT0520_001_Product image_Ice Coffee + Bun_1920 x 1080px

Ice Coffee

+ Papparoti Signature Bun
PPRT0520_001_Product image_Milk Tea + Bun_1920 x 1080px

Milk Tea

+ Papparoti Signature Bun
PPRT0520_001_Product image_Bubble Tea + Bun_1920 x 1080px

Bubble Tea

+ Papparoti Signature Bun
PPRT720_001_Durian Series_1920 x 1080px

Ice Blended Durian

+ Papparoti Signature Bun